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The Richmond upon Thames School

The Richmond upon Thames School

Excellence Through Endeavour

RTS iPad Use

Acceptable Use of iPads and IT at RTS

Students agree, via a Google Form, to the values and behaviours set out below. This is reviewed annually. The following information details our minimum expectations of student behaviour.

At RTS, we want our students to use all IT systems safely, responsibly, respectfully, productively and within the bounds of UK law. 

What are students agreeing to?

Students are required to agree to acceptable behaviours and conduct before using any equipment at the school.

The values and attributes we are asking students to develop, reflect the core values of endeavour, participation and community.

If you do not understand what something means in form, ask your tutor, your learning support assistant or your Head of Year.

I agree to use the IT-systems provided by RTS for school-work 

Access to our technology and systems is provided so that you can engage fully with school work. Access to our technology and systems is a privilege enjoyed by everyone at RTS. 

In lessons, you are not allowed to use websites, apps, documents or other content that your teacher has not asked you to access. 

Doing say may result in your access to our technology and systems, being removed.

I agree to use the IT-systems provided by RTS in line with RTS values

This means you must not use the internet and IT-systems at school or home to cause offense, harm or put someone else in danger. 

You must not use our IT systems to behave dishonestly, e.g. cheat on tests, exams or other forms of assessment.

I agree to use my RTS-iPad in line with RTS values

This means you must use your device as your teacher or learning support assistant directs you to.

If you are unsure, you must check with your teacher or learning support assistant.

I agree not to install any apps on my RTS-iPad or the school computers

Installing software on your RTS- iPad can damage the operating system (iOS) and your device may not work again. If this happens, the insurance company will not be able to fix the iPad and you will be without a device. Installing software on the school network, which may disrupt the working of our computer systems is a criminal offence.

I agree not to use or access any personal accounts or email addresses on my RTS-iPad or the school computers

You must only sign-in to your Google Workspace and Mail, using your RTS email-address.

You are not allowed to use your own personal email address on any of our systems, including the RTS-iPad.

This is because doing so undermines our safeguarding duties.

I will take care of my RTS-iPad and the IT equipment

Only your RTS-iPad is insured for accidental damage. All other damage must be paid for.

Therefore we ask that you respect our property and the property of the wider school community and exercise care and good judgement in your physical conduct.

I agree to keep my pin code safe

The pin code is given to you when you first receive your device. You must not change it and you must never share it with a friend or family member.

You must not enable Touch-ID.

If you think someone knows your pin code, you must change it.

I agree to keep my school passwords safe

Your RTS-account password is given to you when you first start at RTS. Your password gives you access to all our online resources.

We may issue you a new password during the year.

You must not tell anyone what your password is.

You will also receive passwords for apps (IT-systems), you must not tell anyone these passwords either.

If you think someone knows your password and has been using your account, you must tell us using the Report-IT form. 

I understand that any teacher is able to look at my RTS-iPad or computer files at any time 

This is non-negotiable.

If a member of staff asks for your RTS-iPad, you must hand it over to them.

Failing to do so may result in a sanction, including but not limited to your device and accounts being blocked.

I understand that I am forbidden from taking photos of any other students or staff unless directed by a teacher

Photos and videos of other people are covered by data protection laws. You are not allowed to take photos of anyone at school or outside of school, using your RTS-iPad. Neither do you have permission to use your own personally owned mobile phone to take a photo or manipulate a photo or video recording including a student, their parent/carer or member staff. Parents/carers provide permission for their child to be photographed - your friend cannot provide this permission.

I will behave respectfully when learning online

This means you keep your camera off during remote lessons; only turn on your microphone or camera when asked to by your teacher/learning support assistant; write respectful comments in GoogleClassrooms and Meet-chats, if you are able; and leave the remote lesson when asked.

If you are taking an online course, your interactions must uphold the values of respect and tolerance. Think before you post anything.

I understand that everything I do on my RTS-iPad and on the school computers is monitored

Our monitoring systems provide details of your internet search history, where you signed in with your school account, what is stored on your RTS-iPad; and on your Google Drive. If we believe any of your actions have broken UK or international law, we will be required to pass these details onto the police and report this to other relevant authorities and third parties.

I will report any problems I have with my RTS-iPad, computer or account-logins

If you have problems with accessing resources, Google Classrooms, curriculum-apps, or  online work then let your subject teachers or tutor know through Google Classroom. If your teachers or tutor cannot help, then report the problem using the Report-IT form on your iPad.

I will be a positive member of my community and report any other IT misuses using the Report-IT form

Be an upstander not a bystander.