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The Richmond upon Thames School

The Richmond upon Thames School

Excellence Through Endeavour

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics


Religion and Ethics have never been more relevant in today’s world. In a rapidly changing multi-ethnic society religion is often the key to the way people think and act. In the simplest terms, studying religion and belief is an indispensable part of a complete education because of the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life. 


Teaching promotes community cohesion and provides students with opportunities to explore diversity of thought, develop their own opinions on key issues and evaluate different points of view. Religious education contributes to the three statutory aims of the National Curriculum. It will enable all pupils to become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • Confident individuals who can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

The Curriculum includes:

  • Investigation of the different arguments to prove and disprove the existence of God. Pupils will have opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs about God and the way in which some believers have experienced God in a personal way.
  • An exploration of the human and divine nature of Jesus. This is explored through the analysis of art, accounts of the birth stories of Jesus and discussion based activities.
  • Studies of key figures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Pre Learning

Tasks involve research, reading, extended writing tasks or revising to consolidate learning.


During the school year, several assessments are carried out. These vary in form and include, group presentations, debating activities, research-based projects, and essays.

Extended Learning

Visits and outside speakers form an integral part of the KS3 Philosophy, Ethics and RE curriculum. The department also runs trips to places of worship and invites in guest speakers. Working with the English department students also have opportunities to enter in-school and local debating competitions through a debating society.

More information about the PRE curriculum

Ms P Wright, Deputy Head Teacher, Curriculum -

Ms Tania, Curriculum Leader -

Should parents/guardians wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child from all or part of RE, please contact Ms Tania.