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RTS Financial Hardship Fund

The Richmond upon Thames School’s (RTS) Financial Hardship Fund is there to support students whose family circumstances mean that they would not be able to participate in educational trips and other school events.

The Charging and Remissions Policy details what the school can charge for, and what is requested, as a voluntary contribution. Families do not need to apply for the RTS Financial Hardship Fund to cover voluntary contributions. Please read this policy before applying and contact the Finance Office ( if you have any questions.

If families are eligible, we always advise application for Free School Meals (FSM) regardless of if you wish to have a free meal provided. This is because the entitlement to FSM automatically triggers the receipt by the school of an extra £935 per year from the Government to spend on students' education; and this can be partly used to finance trips and events. More details of this, and eligibility criteria are available here. The strategy on how RTS spends the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) funding is available here for your review. Students are not allocated a personal budget.

Because there are only limited funds, we have to ensure that grants reach those most in need of support. The more information that families can provide regarding their circumstances, whether they are long standing, or just short term, can help us decide how the funds should be most suitably distributed.

The Finance and Resources Committee will consider applications every term at their committee meeting; and the calendar of meetings will be posted on the school calendar. Families should submit applications as soon as they become aware that they need support. Families must notify the school of any change in circumstances that might affect the continuation of the grant, else grants may be recharged, either in whole or in part.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Finance Office via as grants may be awarded in extreme cases outside of the published committee meetings.

All grants from the RTS Financial Hardship Fund are discretionary and will be allocated depending on need and funds available. The more information families can supply in the application about what is difficult to pay for, and why, the more easily the committee will be able to assess their needs.

Please email who will send the application form.