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The Richmond upon Thames School

The Richmond upon Thames School

Excellence Through Endeavour


At the heart of the Mathematics curriculum is recognising its interconnectedness and strengthening students ability to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas. The curriculum builds on the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum programme of study for mathematics to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems. 


Students are taught to work mathematically through a variety of units including Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics, with problem-solving and logical thought an integral part of their learning. All students are taught how to communicate effectively using mathematical language. The curriculum is organised into several units of work in which ensure that students' arithmetic skills are secure, there is a sound understanding of geometric principles, algebraic techniques are extended, and statistical techniques are developed including:

  • Consolidating and extending their mental and written methods of calculation.
  • Developing their understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios.
  • Further exploring properties of groups of numbers, such as squares, primes and cubes.
  • Developing their ability to manipulate algebraic expressions and solve equations.
  • Exploring connections between sequences, functions and graphs.
  • Discovering and applying angle properties of 2D shapes and parallel lines.
  • Transforming 2-D shapes and calculate areas, perimeters, volumes and surface areas.
  • Increasing their understanding of a variety of measures.
  • Developing strategies for collecting, presenting and analysing data.
  • Exploring theoretical and experimental probability.


Homework activities will be structured to enable students to practise skills taught in the classroom and enhance understanding.


Students will be assessed throughout the year through written tests in addition to an end of year examination.

Extended Learning

All students will have the opportunity to participate in school Mathematics Challenges, and some will be invited to take part in the national UK Mathematics Challenge. As well as a range of clubs, there will be STEM-related visits/trips to The Big Bang Fair and The Royal Institute.

More information about the Mathematics curriculum

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