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The Richmond upon Thames School

The Richmond upon Thames School

Excellence Through Endeavour

Literacy & Numeracy

English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching. Spoken language, reading and writing are developed within all subjects.
The development of numeracy and mathematical reasoning ensure pupils understand and value the importance of mathematics.


Spoken language

Students’ development of spoken language enables them to clarify their thinking as well as organise their ideas for writing. 

Vocabulary development

At RTS we recognise that the explicit teaching of vocabulary can enrich children's knowledge and understanding of the world. Our aim is to help our students increase their depth and breadth of their vocabulary and encourage a curiosity and interest in words that sparks a deeper learning process.

Reading and writing

Teachers develop students’ reading and writing in all subjects to support their acquisition of knowledge.


In relevant subjects students:

  • Apply arithmetic fluency to solve
  • Apply geometric and algebraic
  • Relate their understanding of probability to notions of risk and
  • Understand the cycle of collecting, presenting and analysing
  • Apply their mathematics to routine and non- routine problems and break down more complex problems into a series of steps

For more information about our curriculum contact

Ms P Wright, Deputy Head Teacher -