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The Richmond upon Thames School

The Richmond upon Thames School

Excellence Through Endeavour

GCSE Exam Results

Exam Results 2023

As the sun set on the final examination day of Summer 2023, the anticipation among our Y11 students was palpable. They had just weathered one of the most crucial periods in their academic journey: their GCSE examinations. The students showcased exceptional commitment to their studies, and personal growth, throughout their five-year journey at RTS. Their efforts have resulted in a superb set of GCSE results, filling themselves, their families and the whole school community with immense pride.

This year, the overall pass rates have increased, a significant achievement set against the national trend of lower attainment as marking returns to pre-pandemic standards. This, along with the unique challenges faced by this cohort due to the Covid-19 pandemic, emphasises our commitment to delivering high-quality education and support to our students. 

24% of our students’ grades were grades 7-9, 76% of all grades achieved were grade 4 or above and 71% of students achieved grades 4 or higher in both English and Maths.  Some exceptional individual performances include Jack F, who achieved 99999999998; Maria-Andreea, 9999999988; and Ben G, who achieved 999998887.

Standout performances were also seen in the Maths, Science, and Music departments. Maths  secured 31% of grades 7-9, Music achieved 40% of grades 7-9, and Biology, Chemistry, and Physics collectively secured 35% of grades 7-9. All of these areas improved by an average of 7% from last year.

Due to our students' exemplary achievements, the vast majority have secured excellent next steps of their choosing. Many are continuing their education at local schools or colleges, while others are choosing one of the many different routes available. These include Ralph W who moves on to an Electrician Apprenticeship and James W Aeronautical Engineering at Kingston. These figures and destinations are not mere numbers. They symbolise dreams realised, challenges overcome, and the fruits of unwavering effort from our students. This has been achieved with the support of their dedicated teachers, support staff, and parents.

Each of our houses - Anderson, Madiba, Shakespeare, Stoop, and Berners-Lee - delivered remarkable results, embodying the spirit and values of the distinguished individuals they are named after. Whether it's a passion for knowledge, dedication to justice, the essence of creativity, the sportsmanship spirit, or the conviction in communal knowledge, our students have internalised the values of these pioneers, echoing them in their academic triumphs.

As Head Teacher, I remain steadfast in my belief in the potential of every RTS student. These GCSE results are a testament not only to academic prowess but also to the resilience, determination, and spirit of our Y11 cohort. Their journey over the past five years, especially amidst global challenges, has shaped them into responsible, thoughtful young adults. Today, they depart with not just remarkable grades but also with values and skills essential for their future pursuits.

"The successes of our students in the GCSE examinations demonstrate the robust academic milieu of RTS. The entire school community, from students to teachers, support staff, parents, and the leadership team, have come together in creating a nurturing environment conducive to academic and personal growth. Their collective efforts make me immensely proud." - Jason Hughes, Chair of Trustees.

As our Y11 graduates step into their next phase, fortified with commendable GCSE results and invaluable experiences from RTS, we are confident in their readiness for future academic challenges and their potential to make a meaningful imprint on the world.

Exam Results 2022

Pupils included in the 2022 school and college performance measures will have had an uneven disruption to their learning. The Department for Education recommends not making direct comparisons between schools, or with data from previous years. There are other factors that will also make direct comparisons difficult: Individual school data should be used with caution. While it reflects the school’s results in 2022 it does not provide information about the factors which may have influenced these results.

  • 2022 is the school’s first cohorts’ GCSE results

  • 143 students sat GCSE exams

Performance highlights

  • EBacc Progress 8 score point score was in line with the national average

  • EBacc at grade 4 or above was above the national average 

  • EBacc at grade 5 or above was in line with the national average

  • Science value added was in line with the national average

  • 78% of the year group were entered for Ebacc qualifications

  • Overall, Attainment 8 was in line with the national average 

  • Attainment 8 in English, Mathematics and Ebacc was in line with the national average 

  • Attainment thresholds in Science and Humanities for the percentage of GCSE grades at 4 or above was in line with the national average


Student Destinations

Our 2022 cohort moved on to excellent destinations including Tiffin Sixth Form, Esher College, City of London Academy, Richmond upon Thames College, Strodes College, Waldegrave Sixth Form, Orleans Park Sixth Form, Kingston College.

To support student choices we hold a Post-16 evening each year for our Year 11 students and their families; students follow a Destination Post-16 programme in their Enrichment lessons; college and post 16 destination application and interview support are offered; work experience opportunities alongside sixth form taster lessons, university campus visits and a programme of post 16 support for students with SEND. All students in Year 11 have a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the start of the autumn term to discuss their Post-16 options and ensure their choices are aspirational and achievable. 

Students are supported by a Careers Advisor from the Educational Development Trust, Achieving for Children,  who provide 1:2:1 support to students at different points in the school year. Alongside this we have a CEIAG coordinator, Ms Clark, who develops and leads our careers curriculum.

DfE School Performance Data Website

Visit the DfE School Performance data site where more achievement and attainment data for the school can be found here

Performance Measures 2022

Performance Measaure 2022
Year 11 Students entered for exams 143
Ebacc Entry


Ebacc Average Point Score 4.5
Percentage achieving Grade 4 or above in English and Maths 68%
Percentage achieving Grade 5 or above in English and Maths 48%
Percentage achieving Grade 4 or above in English 84%
Percentage achieving Grade 4 or above in Maths 71%
Progress 8 -0.45
Attainment 8 48

Percentage of students staying in education or going into employment after key stage 4

Awaiting National Data


Ofsted visited The Richmond upon Thames School in January 2022 (report published 16 May 2022) and judged the school to be “outstanding” for Personal Development and  “Good” overall. Details of this inspection can be found here.