Each year RTS will be allocated a set amount of pupil premium funding based on the numbers of students who fit into the above categories. This is not part of the general budget and we are directed to use this funding on resources/activities which raise the achievement of the identified students.

Students who are not part of the identified pupil premium group are not excluded from any activities if their participation is deemed appropriate and necessary.

In the 2017 to 2018 financial year, RTS will receive £935 for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years (Ever 6).

We will receive £1,900 for any child who:

  • has been looked after for 1 day or more
  • has been adopted from care
  • has left care under:
    • a special guardianship order
    • a residence order
    • a child arrangement order

We will also receive £300 for any child who:

  • is either Ever 6 service child FTE or
  • in receipt of pensions under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) and the War Pensions Scheme (WPS)


Funding is allocated for a financial year rather than a school year.

Our provisional Pupil Premium funding is £38,010.15

Pupil Premium Report

Strategies to close the gaps

All strategies will be tracked, analysed for their impact, reported on and posted on this website page. All students undergo initial screening tests including reading level and numeracy tests which help to identify areas of need.
Our current support strategies include:

  • Literacy support
  • Maths support
  • Reading support
  • Reduced payments for equipment and school trips and visits
  • Free revision resources
  • Homework support
  • Identified enrichment opportunities
  • Mentoring