Students at RTS will:

  • Be confident and happy individuals who can build positive relationships with others and work purposefully towards achieving their very best at all times.
  • Possess the knowledge, communication and technical skills necessary for success as they move into further education and the workplace.
  • Have the motivation to work independently and conscientiously to achieve qualifications that reflect their full ability.
  • Become lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity about the world around them and a shared responsibility for their peers, the environment and wider society.

As leaders in ICT, we will also give every student the opportunity for safe and responsible access to the latest digital devices and encourage them to become the developers, not just the consumers, of future technology.

As a new school, connecting with our local community is important to us. Through supporting local projects, our students will be encouraged to participate in programmes that will widen their experiences and teach them the value of helping others.


Parents Information Requests Statement

Parents/Carers requiring information from this website will not be charged. If you require information contact the school office in the first instance or visit the contact page.

RTS School Office:

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